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  5. what is meant by applied mathematics?
  6. im new
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  19. Are there statistics to show.....?
  20. Can you help me with my Algebra?
  21. Can anyone help? I've got another Algebra homework question :The problem...
  22. My son son got 70 and 80's in math except for geometry, got 65% will he be able to...
  23. OUCH!!!Algebra...I need help with linear equations, slopes,how do I find the slopes
  24. Circle Geometry?
  25. Symmetry
  26. math question?
  27. Geometry question!?
  28. Do intentional walks count in pitchers' statistics?
  29. Geometry can some one help me please?
  30. more math questions.. really sorry..?
  31. Is mathematics is an art or science or both?
  32. how can we made algebra and chemistry an easy one?
  33. ancient geometry?
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  35. probability?
  36. Math Problem??
  37. could anyone please help me with this algebra question??
  38. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!Help!!!me solve dis geometry question.....?
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  41. Maths doubt.....help me?
  42. Last math ??
  43. math help SOS?
  44. a geometry ?
  45. how do you do this algebra problem on work?
  46. stuck on only these "easy" geometry questions?
  47. I need a mathematical aglorythm/formula. Any math wizards out there?
  48. math question?
  49. Probability maths question???HELP!!!?
  50. Geometry help please?
  51. Job Hours (Math Problem)?
  52. Find the following products. (Algebra 1 help)?
  53. does anyone know how i can improve my problem solving skills in math?
  54. Please explain why a 1% probability of a $100 loss is the same as...?
  55. how to find statistics?
  56. What mathematics should I know to study cosmology?
  57. I want to learn linear algebra on my own,is it possible?
  58. Algebra question?
  59. Who developed Geometry?
  60. pls help with Algebra Q.?
  61. Is this true? We can use Geometry to prove mathematical equations?
  62. Probability questions?
  63. Can anyone help me with this critical value statistics problem?
  64. Can you help me with this problem in math? it goes like this, prove 2 = 1
  65. How can I find the maximum and minimum values of a function by Geometry?
  66. can someone answer these problems about probability and statistics?
  67. uses of geometry in real life with explanation?
  68. Can anyone explain the Fibonacci sequence and its significance in computer
  69. i need algebra help!!!?
  70. math help ?
  71. I didn't get Geometry at ALL? But I passed cause the teacher was an easy
  72. Geometry problem, please help(not for homwork)?
  73. Probability/Stats Questions?
  74. Probability question about Titanic survivors?
  75. math problem?
  76. GET 10 PTS if you got GEOMETRY SKILLS?
  77. In a geometry class?
  78. math helppppp?
  79. Help with Math Problem Please!?
  80. Algebra Problem?
  81. Can anybody figure out the anwser 2 this math problem?
  82. If Biology is really Chemistry and Chemistry is really Physics and...
  83. Need help with probability problem (intro level)?
  84. Probability of 3 generations of girls?
  85. probability?
  86. Mathematics Question plz help^^?
  87. NEED SOME ALGEBRA HELP.....please please please?
  88. Can you convert 41.4/1053.7 odds to probability?
  89. Maths statement?
  90. math person, I need help please ?
  91. Going into ninth grade geometry, need help with study tips?
  92. Geometry Parallelogram Question?
  93. topic - Maths?
  94. Plz answer this mathematics question with complete calculating steps plz.thx?
  95. difference between philosophy and mathematics?
  96. Math Problem - Help?
  97. Easy Algebra question?
  98. Need help with weird algebra problem!?
  99. Which topics in mathematics do you learn about in Grade 11,and which should I look...
  100. pre algebra equation problems?
  101. geometry homework, please help!!!?
  102. how to make the kids genius in mathematics?
  103. Mensa Puzzle - Basic Math?
  104. Probability?
  105. What is the probability of an advance chess player rated about 1700...
  106. Math help please!!!??
  107. Hi cinchy algebra question. Can anyone please explain this easy thing to me??
  109. geometry....?
  110. What is the meaning of this quotation? "The object of mathematics is the...
  111. A guy I work with seriously wants to know what is the need for pure
  112. Probability?
  113. Math Word Algebra Problem! Don't understand!! X0?
  114. Geometry Versus Trigonometry?
  115. Probability question - help please!!?
  116. Math problem!?
  117. algerbra or geometry ?
  118. algebra 2 help?
  119. How can I improve my Math score on the SAT????????????????
  120. I answered a question in mathematics, it was posed by nick J reference PI how did...
  121. MATH HELP Much NEEDED, Im struggling!?
  122. Im homeschooling and i need help with Geometry.?
  123. Solve and Explain please... (Algebra)...?
  124. All about plane geometry....?
  125. Probability Maths Question??? Thanx to everyone who can help!?
  126. Parabola Algebra?
  127. Can somone help me with this math please?
  128. Who is known as the "The Father Of Geometry ?
  129. Math problem master come in please?
  130. Is it necessary to practice algebra and calculus over and over to become a...
  131. mathematics test?
  132. application of geometry in real life??
  133. Could someone please solve this maths problem and provide some workings?
  134. Find the geometric probability of throwing a dart and hitting the yellow ring.
  135. Algebra Help!?
  136. probability?
  137. Who can help solve this probability problem?
  138. Help with discovering mathematics?
  139. Little Billy on............Math?
  140. which famous mathematician developed the cartesian geometry? invented graphs,
  141. I have a normal probability distribution question which does not have the
  142. linear function and ****ytic geometry?
  143. algebra....?
  144. Calculus question?
  145. What is the process in Algebra if there are two unknown numbers?
  146. Math(algebra) 10 points for first right answer?
  147. geometry / math?
  148. algebra question?
  149. Probability question, is this right?
  150. do a lot of heroin users have HIV? does anyone know the exact statistic?
  151. statistics - sample size?
  152. Anyone good at math?
  153. What are the probability of you getting struck by lightening?
  154. I want to know more about mathematics?
  155. Geometry Please Help?
  156. Should I take precalculus without taking college algebra?
  157. calculus question?
  158. why in this world have mathematics subject?
  159. A class comprises 26 students. During a mathematics test, one student made 12
  160. 2 probability questions - Could do with some help please?
  161. i'm taking algebra and pre-calculus for my next semester.?
  162. Can anyone help with this maths question?
  163. Need help with algebra problem?
  164. What is T-statistics and P-Statistics?
  165. 2 problems.... Please show work because I am not good at algebra and I'm stumpted..?
  166. If the probability of any person dying during the next year is 1 in 100, what is
  167. Some probability doubts(questions). I want techniques/strategies/concepts, not just
  168. Algebra Help???
  169. From a group of 5 men and 6 women, what is the probability that a commitee formed...
  170. geometry help; properties from algebra and proof?
  171. mathematics. help.?
  172. Is quantum position a function of probability?
  173. math problem?
  174. Can a student who has taken Algebra 2 Honors take AP Stats without any major
  175. Mathematics Help?
  176. Help me with these algebra questions please!?
  177. Can someone with a learning disability in math become an English teacher?
  178. your opinion on online algebra 1 course?
  179. advise on starting a phd in mathematics ? Any idea on difficulty to expect on
  180. can u help me do the math and figure out what my mortgage payment will be...?
  181. Probability calculation : two pair in poker (for smartheads)?
  182. algebra help?
  183. This is a question for all you Math and Science SUPERSTARS!!!?
  184. How Does mathematics play a role in the development of science and technology?
  185. College Algebra Please Help!?
  186. I need help with: proving statements in Geometry?
  187. What do you do when you have a crush on your math teacher?
  188. Is the '07 Santa Cruz Nomad's geometry different from the '05? Does it affect
  189. College Algebra Question Please Help!!?
  190. Math Help(Odds)?
  191. math question?
  192. Math problem?
  193. Mathematics?
  194. Hii :] People who like math...help me pleassssse! Ty?
  195. Math question?
  196. Tough probability question...can someone lend a mind to it?
  197. Can someone check my algebra answers and help me with the problems I dont understand?
  198. Can someone help me solve this statistics problem?
  199. Do you think slope is very essential in learning mathematics?
  200. What is the scope of commerce without maths?
  201. Pl solve this....(Geometry)?
  202. math qustion (calculator)?
  203. Where can I find the statistic"95% or people age 65 are dead or dead broke"?
  204. Anyone with brains in maths or science please look at this, i need your help?
  205. calculus chicken problem?
  206. Designing Helicopters or any particular engineering what math's are evolved?...
  207. Geometry Help 8D?
  208. Is theoretical physics a science that is locally isomorphic to mathematics?
  209. can anyone tell me 10 branches of mathematics?
  210. Factoring help (algebra)?
  211. probability distribution?
  212. Lewis Dot Structure for NO2-, Electron Geometry and Bond Angle?
  213. algebra question?
  214. Here's an algebra challenge for you?
  215. Is this the coolest maths problem solution ever?
  216. Plz help!! Roulette Probability?
  217. Help with a math probability question.?
  218. Percentage/Word Math Problem?
  219. Probability in Excel?
  220. Math Help!?
  221. Trigonometry Question?
  222. Math Help!!?
  223. What is the probability of you getting blown up in an explosion on an average day?
  224. Geometry help!!!!! please simplify if you can!!!!!!?
  225. does anyone know where i can get FREE online help with my geometry homework?
  226. what is the history of geometry?
  227. My child is using the Algebra 1 Prentice Halls Mathematics book. is there a site...
  228. How do I figure out this math question?
  229. Math help real quick?
  230. Statistic on excel?
  231. where &when did mathematics originate?
  232. Mathematics Question (Integer Patterns)?
  233. mathematics examinations ITALY?
  234. can someone please explain the binomial probability distribution to me please?
  235. algebra, Determine if the ordered pair satisies inequality. x+2y> -6 (3, -4) yes...
  236. Statistics Distribution Question Help!?
  237. math anyone?
  238. Pack of Cards Probability Problem of Gigantic Proportions?
  239. probability question?
  240. Geometry - part circle inside another circle?
  241. Should I take college linear algebra or college discrete structures while
  242. Pre-calc!!! Radian measure and geometry!!?
  243. Algebra 2 help?
  244. Statistics: Conditional probability. Any help please?
  245. Math Question?
  246. The probabilities of events A and B are given by P(A) = 0.6 and P(B) = 0.22
  247. geometry help?
  248. What are the different terms used in algebra?
  249. I need help for algebra !!! Please give me answers?
  250. how to do PARTIAL FRACTION in mathematics especially when there is cube,fourth