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Don't worry, Einstein started out shabbily himself!
Congratulations on the first place thing!
And finally, to steal Mr. Hui's line, welcome to XP Math!
Here's some active users you might notice:
People I Actually Know
Somedude-(Super Moderator)Dominates the forum with 200,000 points and 1,100 posts. Is in 6th grade and does 11th grade math.
Redfire544-(Super Moderator)Is in same class and grade as somedude, does 10th grade math or something.
Me-(Super Moderator)Is the most active member right now, if I do say so myself. Is in same grade and school as Somedude and Redfire, does something like 9th-10th grade math.
People That I don't Know:
Mr. Hui-(Administrator)He runs the website, is a 8th grade lead teacher in NY.
Phray-(Super Moderator)I think he knows Mr. Hui or something.
mikayla123 (or whatever her username is, it's mikayla something)-Some person I don't know.

...that's about it. Pretty lame knowledge, huh?
Not really, you get to pass it over the rainbow, so next time someone else does anything they can feel they know those people.