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You've got lots of good advice in the answers, but I'm wondering WHY is geometry difficult for you? Geometry requires good spatial perception which you may not have. Spatial perception has nothing to do with IQ, but can influence how you physically 'see' something like a diagram. For instance, some people have trouble reading maps.If you are having this kind of difficulty, you most likely will dislike geometry because visually it really doesn't make sense to your brain. Tutoring that specifically addresses the spatial recognition issue wll help. First, though, you should ask the school's special ed. department to test you. If they won't do it willingly (and typically, if you are passing other classes with a C, they won't) you need to be very demanding, and write letters about them complying with the law. (IDEA).As far as your life and career being doomed--no, that won't happen. Getting into a top university might be hard, but you can start in community college and do only the math classes that require minimal geometry. That's what I did, and then I transfered to UC Berkeley, and graduated from there with high honors (though not in math!).Good luck--you've got good street smarts and those will be a bigger help in life than geometry.