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Wilmer M
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Default Help me with these algebra questions please!?

My friend bet me that I can't do these algebra questions, and I can't, but maybe you guys can...I don't call it *****ing because it's not homework, it's just a bet...for no money.1. "Warren is going to use the 26,200 in his saving account to buy a new car. The car he plans to buy costs 24,244.33 plus sales tax, which is 4 1/4%. How much money will Warren have in his account after buying the car and paying the sales tax?2. "Last year, Stepanie was paid a base salary of 12,000 per year plus a commission of 3% on the total dollar value of her sales. She sold 1, 120, 000 worth of company products. How much did she make?3. "This year, Stephanie's new commission rate will be cut to 2.8%, but her base salary will be raised to 14,000 per year. Should Stephanie be concerned? What would the differencein her salary have been if this plan had been placed last year?4. "A auction house earned a comission of 400 grand and the comission rate is 10%. What was the price of the painting?"