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Kelly M
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Not sure that this is classified as algebra but;1)1. Figure your sales tax (24,244.33 * .0425)2. Add your tax to the car price3. Subtract from your 26,200 and there is your answer2)1. Figure her commission ( 1,120,000 * .03)2. Add 12,000 to your result and there is your answer3)1. Figure her commission again but with the new % (.028)2. Add 14,000 to your result3. Compare to the answer from #2.4. Is she now making more or less? Should she be concerned?4) Not sure this is a complete question.1. 400,000 * .1 (hint, just move your comma once to the left and drop the last 0 for your answer)2. I guess the commission was for the painting???Hope this helps somewhat. Any more questions you can email me directly (admin@rupc.org)