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1- Arithmetic deals with numerical operations on numbers and number theory2- ****ysis deals with mathematical functions, and the concepts of limits and convergence3-Calculus deals with the computation of infinitesimals (integrals, infinite series, derivatives)4-Geometry is the study objects in multi-dimensional spaces (dots, lines, planes, volumes, etc.)5-Topology is the study of the nature of spaces.6- Probability theory is the study of mathematical likelihood of events.7- Statistics deals with the collection, presentation and interpretation of data sets.8- Logic is the study of formal logic and proofs.9- Computing is the study of algorithm and data structures10- Mathematical Physics is the study of mathematical models used in physics (it happens very often that a physician finds an effect for which there is no mathematical tool yet, which leads to the development of such a tool, E.g. Dirac functions)Then again, we geeks like to classify those in fields, sub-fields and sub-sub-fields. This means that some of the fields I described actually depend on one another, and someone else could very well tell you that they are technically not a separate field.