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Default geometry help? Parallelism?

Okay so I can not begin to understand even the lesson itself, and I am not prepared to christmas tree the test. So here it is:is AB || CD: 1. If angle 4 = 60° and angle 5 = 60°? A maybeB 15C yesD noE it possibly might beF none of the aboveLook I need a explaination of what she's asking(in lameins terms). The point is she ONLY provided me with examples of word problems and now I am confused at what she's asking.It would also be great is any of you knew of a website that relates to this. Thank you, community.I gave you this example to show exactly what I am talking about, I just need a perfect explaination so I can comprehend the lesson.You can use your own examples for paralism, I really don't mind. Please go into detail and break every little step down-it would help bunches.