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ans for 1st one is c) ocoz, since a, b, c are integers, and their product is equal to 1, so it means the possible integers for the 3 unknowns are all 1, or one 1 and two -1 : 1x1x1=1 and 1x-1x-1=1therefore smallest possible for (a+1)(b+1)(c+1) is (1+1)(-1+1)(-1+1) = 0...ans for 2nd one is d) 35571x5=355, as when u take the value before and after 71, for example: 69 and 73... when i minus 2 from 73 i get 71, and den i add the 2 (which i minus away from 73) to 69 , i will still get 71... thus there are 2 numbers before 71, and 2 numbers after 71... thus it will make up of 5 numbers of 71 including itself...