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Default Mathematics Question plz help^^?

you went to a super market together with ur friends just to see whats sale and u saw a blouse which is only 97 pesos but u dont have money. u borrow 50 pesos on ur friend and u borrow 50 pesos again from one of ur friends with a total of 100 pesos. u already bought the blouse which is 97 pesos. u had the 3 pesos which was the change. u gave 1 peso to one who lended you 50 pesos and u gave also 1 peso to the person u borrowed 50 pesos. both of them has 1 peso each so ur debt for both of them is only 49-49 a total of 98 pesos and u had one peso left a total of 99 pesos. where did the 1 peso go? in order to get the 100 pesos?