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We always played with our kids in the car:1. How many yellow cars do you see? 2, How many horses are in that pasture? 3. Candy to the first one to count............./4. First one to see an outhouse... you get the idea great with license plates also. Give them a notebook to write them down and keep totals in.We also took them to math and science exhibits (don't tell them that) like listening to a speaker leading them through an exhibit telling them what happened this year, how many bones this had, asking questions repeatedly to the kids.Even in cooking at home I would say I needed, oh, say 100 straws of spaghetti to cook for the family.This probably does not sound nearly as exciting as we always seemed to make it, but it did work in getting them into math. Thank God I have 3 grown children - 1 is genius, 1 right below and 1 upper level intelligence. Now grandson 1 has just been announced up there with them so we did something right.