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Cool High Scores

What games have you ever had a high score for? (Don't currently have to have the high score!)

I have had the high score for all of these games:

Math Squares - Addition & Multiplication; Multiply by 11 Trick; Call of Hierarchy: Black Order of Operations; Order of Operations; Percent Circle; Absolute Value Boxes; Baseball Exponents; King Kong's Prime Numbers; Place Value Connect Four; Square Root Cannon; Circle Addition Equation; F>Zero Graphing Inequalities; Functions Rates of Change: Odd One Out; Geometric Shapes Avoider - Triangle, Square, Pentagon; Soccer Coordinates; Complementary and Supplementary Angle Pairs Practice; Deal or No Deal; Guess the Number -1,000 to 1,000; 50 United States Test; Asteroids; Simon; Snake; Space Invaders; and Typing Test a to z!

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