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Default Calculus Questions... (I am stuck..)

I am having a few issues with these annoying questions. If anyone have time to figure these questions out, I would really appreciate it.

I need lim x-> 0 for this piecewise function

1/ (x-3)^2 if x not equal to 3
2 if x = 3

I can get f(3), but I don't know how to get the limit. 1/(x-3)^2 becomes undefined when x = 3. Is that mean the limit doesn't exist, or did I screw thing up?

I don't know why f(x) as x -> 2 does not exist...
sqaure root (4-x^2) if -2 < x < 2
4x - sin(3.14x) if 2 equal or less than x

Quick concept reminder...

What's g o f (2) when g(2) is -2 and f(2) is also 3? Do I use 3 and put it into g(3) or do I add them up and get 1 as answer?

lim x -> 1+ sqaure root (1-x) I thought it's zero but graph says otherwise. Help!

Again, thanks in advance. I don't usually bother people like this, but this is kinda urgent.
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