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Well, your friend might just be right as long as the next "widget" he's talking about is another pet rock or hula-hoop.On the other hand, take a more useful invention. Let's say the MRI. If you are going to invest $1M per "widget" you better know what you're doing. The first experiments with NMR (single dimension resonance precursor to MRI) were in 1946. This only led to the MRI over 30 years (and multiple intermediate technologies) later after much research.I sometimes work with the National High Magnetic Field Labs in Tallahassee. They do pure research and nothing but research. Their sole function is to collect data on how magnetic fields affect material properties (including living organisms) so inventors can use that data to develop better medical test equipment, more efficient motors, generators and vehicles. The research is also key to unraveling DNA and quantum mysteries which will lead to self-aware machines in the near future.While Thomas Edison said, "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.", the research data coming out of NHMFL is well worth the multi-billion dollar cost considering the impact it will have on our future.