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Dominic D
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58. to get the slope of the perpendicular line you take the reciprocal of -1/5 and change the sign. so the slope is 5. then use the equation (y-y1) = m(x-x1) where m=5, y1=8, and x1=6. so thats (y-8) = 5(x - 6) + 11 which is the same as y = 5x + 3361. just think of f(x) as y soy=3x-7 and y=-1plug in -1 to the first equation-1=3x-7solve for x6=3xx=256. that factors out to (3x-4)(x+5) / (2x+1)(x+5)the factors (x+5) cancel out so thats (3x-4) / (2x+1)the bottom part, (2x+1), cant equal 0so 2x+1=0 when x = -1/2