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I'm not familiar with Singapore, but you can easily make your own 100 charts in all sizes. I'm sure there are plenty online to print out. I know some people who have used a cheap shower curtain, and written the numbers on with a permanent marker. (Same for alphabet) This is great for kinesthetic learners - they can jump around to show their answers, to count, etc.Are you talking about weights for the balance scale? Since you need those *and* counters, I would purchase 1 cm gram cubes. They can be used as counters and as weights for the scale.Also, 1 cm multi-link cubes sound awfully small and hard to work with. We have "AllLink" cubes from Classroom Products (#22216) and they are 2 cm square. There are 10 each of 10 colors and the space where they link has different shapes. They connect on all sides, so my son likes to build with them. I really like them versus others I've seen.Here's the link:http://www.classroomproductswarehous...N361Here's a better close-up view:http://boreal.com/product.asp?SPLID=...184334162(much more costly at that second link)Ah, here are some gram cubes that double as 1 cm multilink cubes:http://www.classroomproductswarehous...=====***Edited to add:I remembered Donna Young's awesome site after I posted. Here's her link to math charts:http://www.donnayoung.org/math/charts.htm