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Shanna S
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You need a teaching certificate and experience.There are really two things you need to do.1. Contact middle and high school principals in your area and ask them about substitute teaching. They will give you the phone numbers. Generally sub don't need certificates. 2. Go on-line to the state website that represents the education part of government. Look up teaching certification. There you will find all the rules and regs in their glory to horrify you. Make a contact with the department so that you can cut through the jungle of requirements.Lastly, this is honestly awesome that you want to teach math. The principals will be very interested in learning about you. Some will even help you with certification. I wish it was standard, but it's very different in each state. Your Masters degree will compensate for some of your other requirements. You just have to start.Schools in some places are so desperate for teachers that they will often start teachers without full credentials. That's why you should talk to Principals. Be ready with your resume, so they know you have the goods, but not all the teaching creds.Good Luck.