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Ian Sturdy
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x^2-xy+2y^2what you want to do, is set up the problem as follows (with bad formatting, mind you--we are doing long division, which is difficult to display on here): __x^2__-xy__+2y^2_________2x^2+xy-2y^2 | 2x^4-x^3y+x^2y^2+4xy^3-4y^4 2x^4+x^3y-2x^2y^2 ________________________ -2x^3y+3x^2y^2+4xy^3-4y^4 -2x^3y-x^2y^2+2xy^2 _____________________ 4x^2y^2+2xy^3-4y^4 4x^2y^2+2xy^3-4y^4 ________________ 0Also note, we are doing this stepwise (ie. we would add the "answer" terms one by one from left to right)