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I'd definitely call the board of education or the people in charge of giving the test to find out your options. You never know until you get it from the horse's mouth. Especially if you have been diagnosed by a doctor. I'd also check into relocation, because I know that there are schools out there that are willing to work with people who could potentially be good teachers (and math usually has very little to do with English! I know, I'm an aspiring English teacher myself). Also, different states have different standards. However, the best advice I could give you would be to attack your learning disability head-on. Get a tutor, study for the test, get books at your local bookstore that give you helpful hints not only on the subject you need help on, but hints for test-taking as well. A learning disability is a challenge, not a show-stopper. I'm really glad you're looking into becoming a teacher. It seems to me that you'd definitely be able to connect with students, esp. those who may have given up bc they disabilities of their own. Kudos on the noble career choice! *wink*