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I think NORMSDIST is the right function, but you may be misinterpreting the results. Remember that NORMSDIST is returning the value of the cumulative density function, which is the probability that the reading will be somewhere between +z and -z. But what you want to know is, what is the probability of the reading being between:a) 0 and zb) -z and 0etc.I'll tell you how to do the first one and you should be able to take it from there: the probability of it being between 0 and 1.57 is exactly half the probability of it being between -1.57 and +1.57. So in Excel that would be,=NORMSDIST(1.57) / 2You should be able to get them all now, but will have to think a little more to get (c). Hint: treat the range of (c) as two separate problems.Good luck!