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sachin s
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instead of going for commerce without maths, it vil be better if u vil go for "B Com + M Com 5 Yrs Integrated Dual Degree" course in any modern-stream like global banking, E-Commerce, E-Business, Finance or Taxation etc....take a look on following courses, and visit given link if interested.......B Com – M Com Global Banking & FinanceThe course offers unique and comprehensive training with an in depth study of finance systems, markets and studies in interrelated finance banking and law areas required by the modern banking professional study areas include financial institutions management, lending global banking and law of finance. The course will enable student to develop skills and knowledge in buying and selling securities, preparing investment plans for individuals and organizations, investing money and market conditions and government regulations.Career Prospects :The course will provide specific skills to enable one to pursue a range of careers in the banking / finance / wealth management sectors. B Com – M Com Accounting & Taxation Accounting is the language of business used by investors, management, entrepreneurs, lenders, financial ****ysts and govt. bodies. Accounting is comprised of financial and managerial accounting, taxation and auditing. The course aims at providing the students with a sound understanding of the core issues and theories of financial management and accounting as well as other business related subjects relevant to the needs of the profession.Career Prospects The programme is well suited for those students who wish to prepare for career as Practicing professional accountants and internal auditors Financial officers or controllers in corporate enterprises or in public institutions B Com - M Com Business Management & E-CommerceThe course aims at creating an understanding of e-commerce technology and business systems in the student. It will also create an ability in the student to understand the use of a systems approach for ****yzing business problems. The knowledge in e-commerce prepares students for electronic trading opportunities and international trade facilitation. After completion of the course the students will be equipped with the knowledge and practical skills required to become proficient in the use of the internet and intranet and to conduct all facets of electronic commerce.Career Prospects:Graduates from this course may work as experts on e-commerce technology and consultants solving industrial problems by using the systems approach. http://seedlingeducation.com/SIILAS/...ww.siilas.org/