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a linear function is of the type y=a+b*x where a and b are constants and x and y are variables.if the function passes through points (2,4) and (-1,-4) one can substitue x with 2 and y with 4 to get an equation with two unknowns a and bnow we can substitute (x,y) with (-1,-4) to get a second equation with two unknowns a and bnow we have two equations with two unknowns a and bsolve this pair and you will get the equation of the first linethe slope is b.Similarly solve the coeficients of the other linesanother simpler approach would be b=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1) so in the first pair (x1,y1)=(2,4) the second pair (x2,y2) would be (-1,-4)b=(-4-4)/(-1-2)=(-8)/(-3)=(2+2/3)