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Jess F
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Slope is fairly easy once you get a hang of it. Here’s how my teacher taught us to calculate it:1.Take a sheet of paper.2. Write your two coordinate pairs one-on-top of the other.3. Label the second number in your second coordinate pair y2. This just means that that is the second y you have on your sheet of paper. Repeat this process for the y above the one you just labeled. Label this y y1 to represent the order in which it was put on your paper.4. Repeat this for the x values.5. In a red marker or different colored pen, arrange the values so that the y values were on top. Do this for the x values but in a different colored pen or marker so that the values are easily identified.6. Beside your block of labled coordinate pairs, Take your red y values and rearrange them (if they aren’t already) so that the second y value is first and the y1 is second. Skip a line and do the same for the x values, being sure x2 is first and x1 is second. Be sure to leave a space in between both y2 and y1 and x2 and x1 values.7. In the space left between the marked y2, y1, x2, x1 values, place a fraction bar.8. To complete this equation, place a minus sign in between y2 and y1. Repute the process for the x values.Congratulations, you have now successfully completed the most difficult part of finding the slope of a line! To finish the problem, just subtract. Don’t remove the fraction bar. Slope is supposed to be in the form of a fraction – rise over run.