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I speak to you as an ex-teacher of math, as one who struggled with high-school math, and the grandfather of twin boys, now 17, who are going through the same torture. Your son is going to do just fine.It is my experience that teachers expect their courses to receive priority attention. The student gets over-loaded with homework and assignments, and ends up "tuning out". Not fair.Math courses in high school tend to repeat the core topics at every grade level, so not "getting it" in Grade 9 isn't the end of the world. He will learn that topic again in Grade 10 again in 11, and so on. It just gets a bit more rich each time.Lastly, I speak to you as someone who continues to tutor math (at no charge) to young people in High School. It is my strong opinion that those students who have to try a bit harder develop the wonderful characteristic of sticking with a problem until it's done If he needs help, get him a tutor, but let him decide if the tutor is doing any good. And be sure to attend those parent-teacher interviews! Make it perfectly clear to his math teacher that you would welcome a heads-up if the teacher sees trouble in his math comprehension. Tell the teacher you want to partner with them in the interest of helping your son. It's not threatening to the teacher when presented in this way, and BOY does it ever let them know you're watching!Good luck!