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Default 4 questions please help math are and such???

A landscaper needed to mulch this part of a garden bed. One bag of mulch spreads 6 square feet. How much mulch will be needed for this area? a) 15 bags b) 30 bags c0 31 bags d 28 bags???What is the cost of the mulch at $3.99 per bag?a) $59.85 b)$119.70 C) $119 d) $121#83)You do courier service at the end of the day you record 150 miles you are allowed 30 cents a mile as a business expense you should submit statement for?a $45 b $45.50 c. $4.50 d $4,500Your expensse at #83 is?a. an asset for you but a liability for your employerb a liability for you but an asset to your employerc accounts recievable for you but accounts payable for your employerd a and chelp pleasesorry the diameter of this semicircle is 15 feet
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nana [lovescali]
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did you ever give how much land the landscaper had to scape?maybe i missed it...
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1. If the garden bed is less than 90 ft^2 ans = 15 bagsIf the garden bed is less than 180 ft^2 ans = 30 bags2. answer is either a or b depending on the size of the garden bed. #83 ans = a $45Expense = ( D) The employer's obligation becomes your asset when due.

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