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nick p
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Default I want to become more acclimated with Mathematics. How can I do this?

In high school I was a bum, never prepared or concerned about knowledge and logical thinking. After expulsion from high school my life was entangled with ignorance and ******ity and burdened by call to obey my emotions rather than sound reason. Now, as I attend college and have stabilized my life I am currently studying philosophy and logic and I recently ignited a new found desire to know more about mathematics (the subject I ignored mostly). I see the benefit it has in logic and philosophy, as a tool to help one think more critically and rationally--this is what I am concerned with most. How may I go about the process of re-learning mathematics and incorporate that into philosophy and critical thinking. Websites and books at a beginner level (as I said, I failed to may much attention to it in high school) would be of MUCH help. Also, practice exercises would assist me as well. Thanks!
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It is funny that you should say that you have considered studying Mathematics in order to increase your grasp of philosophy....I read philosophy, in order to increase my understanding of mathematics!If you want to gain a better understanding of mathematics, it is essential that you have a teacher, when you study Math, you must be graded. Your steps must be checked, you must be trained in the same way that an athlete is trained.Set yourself a goal like being admitted into a college level Math course, and then contact someone at the college and find out how you need to prepare for it. It is that simple. Math is a school and you should go to school to learn about it.Why waste time learning bad habits?I would reccommend that you also consider studying Physics. My first physics assignment changed my life...Did you know that acceleration is measured in time squared? It is... meters per sec per sec is metres per sec squared!

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