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steve h
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Default trigonometry?

is there an easy rout to calulating an area of a curve, like a rail arch.
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Blaise K
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sorry i only in 7th grade i know what trig is made of but cant do it yet even though i was the smrtest kid at my old middle school
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If you mean the area enclosed by a curve and the x-axis or the area enclosed by the curve and the y-axis, the answer is integration. For example we can say, given that y=x^2 calculate the area enclosed by the curve and the x-axis between x=1 and x=5. I will not solve it for you because if you have not done integration before, you will not be able to follow.
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You asked for an easy way, so perhaps we should rule out calculus!You use the example of a railway arch so 2 suggestions:1) If you know the arch is semicircular then the area is pi.r^2/2 (r = half-breadth of arch) plus the area beneath the semi-circle: 2.r.h2) If it's of unknown shape you need to measure the height at a series of points (make them equally spaced for simplicity, = dx, say) then idealise all the vertical segments as rectangles with area = dx.(h1 + h2)/2 and sum up all the areas..

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