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dude s
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Default uses of geometry in real life with explanation?

uses of geometry in real life with explanation?
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I use it ALL the time...I work with cranes (heavy equipment) and I have to know the angle of the boom to make sure it clears a building...I use A sq + B sq = C sq all the time to figure out boom lengths...my buddy does land survey and he uses it ALL the time as well! its VERY handy for construction, architect....but it doesn't come in handy for flipping burgers, or answering phones...
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Joe A
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How much carpet do you need to cover a room if the room is 20 feet long and 15 feet wide?Geometric Rule: Area = length times width.Area (size of carpet) = 20 ft by 15 ft = 300 square ft.Carpet is sold by the square yard.Geometric Rule: Area = length times width.1 square yard = 3 feet by 3 feet.1 square yard = 9 square feet.Divide by 9 sq ft per yard = 300 / 9 = 33.3 square yards.Another one:If you are building a golf course, how much grass do you need for one of the greens if the green is a circle that is 50 feet across?Geometric Rule: Area of circle = 1/2 the diameter squared times pi. pi = 3.1425 squared times 3.14 = 625 times 3.14 = 1962.5 square ft.

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