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Default What is the meaning of this quotation? "The object of mathematics is the...

...honor of human spirit"? please answer quickly i need this for my homework.. thanks
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That is one of the ****est quotes I have ever read.
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As I understand it, it could be a reference to the fact that the object of mathematics -which is to both discover and create intelligent order in the world- is the honor or PRIDE of the human spirit for being intelligent and superior to all other animals in this planet. In other words we, as intelligent beings, are honored to be able to both see and produce intelligent order in this universe. That's our hallmark and pride. "The object of mathematics is the honor of the human spirit"
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a dangerous mind
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we will find the meaning if we can figure what can be a honor to human spirit ?which quality of human gives us honor and makes us better than the other living beings? it is only when you find out the answers for these , you will be able to understand how mathematics is the reason for the honor of human spirit.i leave it to you to figure it out.
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I like acha's answer. But could it also be that mathematics is an honor reserved only for the "human" spirit and not that of any other living creature because we, as humans, are the only creature to employ mathematics? And that we use math to deduce and to create?

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