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Default Please help with a few math questions?

The one who answers most gets best answerShowing work/explaining is not important because i can figure that out.1) Given that cotx is undefined and cosx>0 find cscx2) Evaluate sin105 (use the fact that 105=60+45)3) Find the vertex of the parabola (x+3)^2-8(y+6)=04) Find the standard equation of the elipse with verticies at (4,0) (-4,0) and foci (3,0)(-3,0)5)Find the verticies of the heperbola (x-2)^2/9-(y+7)^2/12=1Also, if you can give me a few sentences for this open-endedDiscuss soem techniques you would use to graph y=-2sin2pie
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2) sin105= sin(60+45)=sin60cos45+ cos60sin45= sqr(3)/2 *sqr(2)/2 + 1/2 * sqr(2)/2 = (sqr(2) + sqr(3) )/2
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1) cscx is undefined2) (sqrt3+1)/2sqrt23) (-3,-6)4) x^2/16+y^2/7=15) ( 2,+/-sqrt12-7)
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beautiful b
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2# sin 105 = sin 60 + sin 45 sin 105 =sgr3/2+1/sqr23# (-3,-6)

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