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Default Intellectual Property on Statistics?

Hypothetical legal question:Once a statistic has been discovered, can it be owned?Say you purchase a statistical study done by an automotive research group on engine failure for a specific make & model of car. The study lists failure rates based on mileage of the engine. The higher the mileage, the higher the probability of failure.You find an insurance company that is interested in buying these statistics from you. Can you sell this data to them? Specifically, can a statistic be protected by copyright and if so, what about other numbers derived from it (such as averages)?Thanks in advance.
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You own the compilation, NOT the raw data rights. You can only copyright your compilation, and it won't "stick" if it's "obvious". You can't copyright basic math, either. You can't say, ok, I've copyrighted 1 + 1 = 2, so now everyone who puts that equation in a book has to pay me royalties. Doesn't work that way.Reminds me of an April Fool's joke years ago by the web site, The Onion - said that Microsoft now owns the rights to the numbers 0 and 1, you know, binary language? Very amusing.

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