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i should have gone to mathcounts this year

Originally Posted by shadow123blast View Post
If you are reading good but I am going to start a Mock MathCounts post a comment if you want to join
This should train you to win the school MathCounts competition and the Chapter at least the First problem i am taking from old sprint problems from chapter and state
Problem 1 of the ste sprint of this year ( the winner of the NC MathCounts is Kavi Jain an 8th grader from our school he got a perfect score)Sharon bought a mixture of nuts that was made up of pecans, walnuts and cashews in a ratio by weight of 2:3:1, respectively. If she bought 9 pounds of nuts, how many pounds of walnuts were in the mixture? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth.
There are 2 tests that affect your individual score
The Sprint a quick 40 minute test for 30 questions
that is why it is called the Sprint it is quick
The Target a test of 4 different sheets that have 6 minutes for 2 questions total 8 questions 2 questions per sheet
This is why it is called the target you have time to target the answer
These are the most important if you are a individual competitor.
The Team important for team but not individuals.
10 hard questions and you solve them in 30 minutes.(our school is very prestigious and got 5th in the states and 1st in the chapter competition.)
sprint questions are 1 point each and target are 2 points each totaling to a 46 and perfect scores are ridiculously hard to get especially at the states
(this is also in my blog please read 5 points for the first 5 people who answer correctly and post the comment on my blog)
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Default yes u should

MathCounts though at our school is very competitive and very hard so you really have to be good to get in.
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Default hi

everyone Mathcounts season is starting up again so i am prepared to win again If any one goes to the nationals say hi a a small azn kid named Auston.

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Default hi

Originally Posted by shadow123blast View Post
Countdown to victory the countdown is a quick rapid fire contest where contestants press buttons and who ever is first the the correct answer gets the point in 5 questions if a person gets 2 point first get the victory if none then oh well all participants lose.
This is the interesting part of MathCounts
From now on i am going to give 3 points to the 1st person that answers the questions 1 questions each day on my blog from sate sprints then i will move to target team then countdown
Sprint is 3 points for the 1st person
2 points for targets
5 points for team questions
2 for countdown problems
For todays question actually 2 points for the first 5 people
cool kid that rocks
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