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Default help in geometry; deductive reasoning.?

directions: determine if a conclusion can be reached from the two given statements using the law of detachment or the law of syllogism. If a conclusion is possible, state it and the law that is used. If a conclusion does not follow, state "no conclusion."23.](1) If A is between B and C, then A, B, and C are collinear.(2)A is between B and C.24.](1) If a quadrilateral is a rectangle, then it has four right angles.(2) A rectangle has diagnals that are congruent.25.] (1) If two lines intersect, then they have a point in common.(2) Lines p and q intersect.26.](1) If an angle is right, then it measures 90.(2)m/_a = 9027.] (1) If an ordered pair for a point has 0 as its x-coordinate is negative, then the point lies on the y-axis.(2)If a point lies on the y-axis, then it is not contained in any of the four quadrants.
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