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Default Need help with algebra problem?

Use the appropriate properties of operations to find the solution to the equations show below. -5x^2-x(x(4/x)+10= -4x-5(x-3)+2(3-x)+x= -14+x For every step state the property you are using and the order of operation as you simplify the expressions. Is there more than one way to find the root for the equation ?
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1st Eqn:-5x^2 - 4x + 10 = -4x-5x^2 + 10 = 0x^2 = 2x = +-sqr[2]2nd Eqn-5x+15 ) + (6-2x) + x = -14 + x-7x = -14 - 15 - 6 = -357x = 35x = 35
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Wow... long problem. I think there are properties such as a power to a power property, and etc. You can use a variety of different properties in which you can use two at a time. Just solve for x. for the first one, I simplified it to -5x^2 - 4x + 10 = -4xfor (x(4/x)..... the xs cancel eachother out, and then you multiply the f by -x which equals -4x. For the second equation, I simplified it to.........................-5x + 15 + 6-2x + x = -14+xyou now can solve for x. Good luck.

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