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Default math question [algebra]?

9y +5 over 7 -5y + 5 over 2= -3please solve..very confused
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Daisy C
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If what you're asking is this9y+5)/(7-5y) + 5/2 = -3then you want to get rid of the denominators and you do this by multiplying the whole thing (both sides of the equals sign) by both the denominators, which would be 2(7-5y). The (7-5y) cancels out in the first term and the 2 cancels out in the second term to leave the equation looking like this:2(9y+5) + 5(7-5y) = (-3)(2)(7-5y)Then, just distribute and solve away!The correct answer is 87/37, but I don't think that's the answer you are looking for. Either I interpreted your equation incorrectly or you have a horribly mean teacher.

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