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Default Logic Maths Problem ... Three Families Banks, Spenders and Pennys - who is the...

...richest? Using these clues answer the question below :1. Mrs Banks has ₤1000 more than Mrs Spender and ₤4000 less than Mr Banks2. The total amount of the savings of all 3 families is ₤439000 and Clare Spender has least ₤100003. Clare Spender's savings plus Emma Penny's is equal to Mrs Penny's savings4. Steve Penny's savings are twice as great as Robin Banks's and Mr Banks has 4 times Bob Spender's savings5. Mrs Spender has ₤5000 more than Mr Penny and ₤5000 less than Mr Banks6. Mr Penny has ₤10000 less than Mr Banks and ₤14000 more than Mrs Penny7. Bob Spender has ₤1000 less than Robin Banks and ₤2000 more than Katie Banks8. Emma Penny's savings are equal to the sum of Clare Spender's and Robin Banks's9. Mr Spender has saved the same amount as Bob Spender and Mrs Spender together10. Mrs Banks's savings plus Robin Banks's savings equal twice Mrs Penny's and Mr Banks has ₤60000Solve the problem (with equations) to find out which family has what + who has the most?
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I'm the richest! Give all of your money to me!OBEY!

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