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Default What does SIN mean in Mathematics?

I really need to know, I probably sound ****** also, sorry for that. Can someone give me a full explanation of it? Again I need to know this for calculus and somehow I forgot since last year, thank you in advance. 10 points will be rewarded.
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d00d, i don't remember, but wiki will know!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trigonometric_functionit's sine, has to do with circles and pi.It's a function that will always tell you the circumference of a circle if you're given the radius or something like that.
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Carlos M
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sin is trig function that tells you the y coordinate of the unit circle give an angle.Ex.Sin(0 ) = 0 sin(90) = 1 sin(180) = 0sin(270) = -1
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SIN - SineWhen you take the sin of an angle, it is opposite over hypotenuse. It has to be in a right triangle thoughII aI_______ bc = from the top of "a" to the right of "b"if you are tring to find the sin of angle b (which is opposite side b), you do opposite (a) over hypotenuse (c)
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In a right triangle, the sine of an angle (abbreviated SIN) represents a ratio between the lengths of the side opposite of the angle and the hypotenuse of triangle.Ex. In a standard 3, 4, 5 right triangle, the 2 legs are length 3 and 4, while the hypotenuse (always the longest side) is 5. So, the sine of one angle will be 3/5 and the sine of the other angle will be 4/5. The sine of the 90° right angle, since the opposite side and the hypotenuse are the same side, would be 5/5 = 1.And yes, you will use this in calculus! Good luck!

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