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Default Anyone with brains in maths or science please look at this, i need your help?

0.0036A = mA120ms= s19101ohms= kilohms0.0000013m = um(the symbol that looks like u lol)0.0000000001F= pFCan anyone do these for me as im completely lost lolalso need help with this lol:2 = squared as i cant perform it on herec = a2 + b2 - c2---------------------- 2aba = 19.37mm b = 26.42 c = 22.31and given V1 = 365cm3, T1 = 298K, and P1 = 1,56 x 10 to hte power 5Nmto the power of minus 2 use,P1V1 P2V2 -------- = -------- T1 T2To calculate V2 if T2= 310k and P2 1.01 x 10 to the power 5 Nmto the power minus 2.give answer to 3 significant fig
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I'm not doing your homework for you but help can be found here:http://www.geocities.com/websitedeve.../convert.htmlD
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3.6 mA0.12 s19.101 kilohms1.3 um0.1 pF (not too sure about this one, p may not be 1 billionth. But pretty sure if there's 9 0's after the decimal point)I think....I'm a bit tired so the last one may be wrong lol
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the one under aditional wateva..wat exactly do u wanna no cause uve got the answers for a, b nd c?

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