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Default 2 Math Problems?

I have to do ten math problems for homework. I've done the rest but I am totally stumped on these two. If someone could not only do them for me but PLEASE PLEASE explain how to do it (show work), would be much appreciated. I need to not only have these answers, but understand it as well.Best answer is the reward. Thank you.4.) A truck can be rented from Basic Rental for $50 per day. In addition, you have to pay $0.20 per mile. Continental charges $20 per day in addition to $0.50 per mile to rent out the same truck. How many miles must you drive in a day to make the rental cost for Basic Rental a better deal than that for continental?- - -10.) You need to choose between two telephone plans for local calls. Plan A charges $25 per month for unlimited calls. Plan B charges a monthly fee of $13 with a charge of $0.06 per local call. How man local telephone calls in a month make Plan A the better deal?As you can see, they are both similar, which is why I'm stumped. I know you have to use x and y but I can't do it. Plus, the way the question is worded, they don't just want the answer, then need to know how much better it is etc.
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Tom B
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for #4 you can use a simple linreg equation. Y=m(x)+bif you have a graphing calculator. input these 2 equations.Y= .20(x) + 50 and Y=.50(x) + 20 and where these two lines intersect is your answer.
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Note: You do not two seperate equations, nor do you need Y in the equation. Just put one company on one side of the equation and the other on the other side.Set up the equation with Basic Rental on the left side and Continental on the right. x represents miles. Make BR
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4.) 50+0.20x=20+0.50xThen you solve for x. Once you get that answer that will let you know when they will be equal, add one to it and Basic Rental will be better.10.)25=13+0.06xThen solve for x. That will let you know when the plans will be equal and add one to get when Plan A is better.I didn't want to just give you the answers, but if you still need help then you can e-mail me.

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