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Default If someone could please break down this linear math equation I could probably

figure the rest out.? 5x - (2x - 10) = 35a)2/3b)25/3c)24d)3Any help in explaining how I solve the equation and most importantly why I use that method would be very appreciated.Thank YouI understand the concept of getting all of the variables to one side. but thats a negative 10. It is my understanding that to get rid of it I perform the oposite operation. In my mind I should try to cancel the 10 by adding a positve 10 to the negative 10 and adding the same positive 10 to the other side of the problem which makes that 35 a 45. I believe you are all correct. Through a process of elimination I see it's the right answer, but can someone explain how the 35 became a 25...what happened to that -10? Why are we able to use it as it is and not cancel it out the traditional way? Thank You All AgainThank you so much Jo...I think I see what i did wrong. That negative sign changes all the signs that come after it, so right from the begining it was a positive10 and not a negative. Thank You Again!
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Just expand.5x - 2x + 10 = 35Move like terms to one side.3x = 25Divide by 3x = 25/3
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http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n...joey/IMG1.jpgi hope this explains it better!

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