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Default All about plane geometry....?

The question goes like this: Form two times when the hands of a clock form a straight angle...I just want to be completely sure...
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the answer depends on which standard u r in. if u r in middle school, all the above said answers r true.but if u r not, at 12 am n 12 pm, the hands form a straight angle. to get the other times, calculations need to b done. thats bcos at 3:45 or 9:15, while the minutes hand has transversed 45mins(270 degrees) n 15 mins (90 degrees) respectively, the hour hand has also traversed some distance right? if u wan the complex calculations :- while the minute hand travels 360 degrees, the hour hand travells 360/12 = 30 degrees. so while min hand travels 90 degrees(15 mins), hour hand travels 7.5 degrees. so at 9 :15, the hands of clock r short of a straight angle = 180 degrees by 7.5 degrees n so is the case wid 3:45 too.
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6.00 in morning and 6.00 in evening.Other are 1:38, 2:43 ...For every 360 turn of minute hand, the hour hand advances by 30 degrees.
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Andrea P
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A straight anlge is 180 degrees. So it has to be a stright line. That would be 6 o'clock and 12:30.
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go with 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., because those are the only two where it's exactly 180 degrees on the clock

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