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Eugene D
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Default probability distribution?

Shaq is a popular basketball player but is not recognized as a great free throw shooter. His career free throw average is 0.532( he has made 53.2 % of his free throws) Suppose in a particular game Shaq takes 5 free throws. a. what is the probability distribution? Explainb. What are the mean and standard deviation for the number of made free throws. c. What is the probability that he will miss 4 of the next 5 throws he takes?
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Sounds like a binomial distribution to me with n = 5 and p = .532. That should get you started.
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a) We're looking at Success&Faliure (Shaq makes it or misses it). X is then the number of total successes. A Probability Distribution is a function that assigns probabilities to the values that X may assume. In this case X could be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 free throws.Since these are independent trials (i.e. making 1 free throw doesn't affect whether he makes or misses the next) this is a Bionomial Distribution. Here is a link for to calculate this type of probability distribution:http://stattrek.com/Tables/Binomial.aspxb) Mean = (free throw %) x (# of free throws) = Standard Deviation = square root of ((Mean) x (1 - free throw %))c) This would be what your probability distribution from part A lists for X = 4. Good Luck

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