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Default Positive and Negative Integers

Greetings to all members here! Have a nice day reading this one
Positive integers are all the whole numbers greater than zero: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... . Negative integers are all the opposites of these whole numbers: -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, … . We do not consider zero to be a positive or negative number. For each positive integer, there is a negative integer, and these integers are called opposites. For example, -3 is the opposite of 3, -21 is the opposite of 21, and 8 is the opposite of -8. If an integer is greater than zero, we say that its sign is positive. If an integer is less than zero, we say that its sign is negative.
I hope this can help to students who have some problems on understanding about integer!


more on students resources....
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From that, it looks like 0 is not an integer. You didn't explain properly..
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Yeah, you have to have 0, otherwise a bunch of math would just fall apart.
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