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Default Probability maths question???HELP!!!?

In a golf match, Peter has 70% chance of hitting the green and Paula has a 90% chance. Find probability of:a) At least one hitting the greenb) Only Peter hits the greenAnswers: a=0.97 b=0.07 how did you get this? Detail please.
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it is .97 because its logic....97 is 97% and .07 is 7% and if it is only 7% that doesnt make sense because they both have over 7% so yeah...just put down some bs
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a) for this either only peter hits or only paula hits or both hithence three cases let event that peter hits is A so that he wont hit be A! similarly that paula hits is B and wont hit be B!now when only peter hits prob=p(A)p(B!)=.07when only paula hits prob=p(B)p(A!)=0.27when both hit its prob=p(A)p(B)=0.63hence total probablilty that alteast one will hit is .07+.27+.63=0.97b) only peter hits that is prob=p(A)p(B!)=0.07

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