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Default Math Word Algebra Problem! Don't understand!! X0?

FENCING A PASTUREA farmer has 624 feet of fencing to enclose the pasture shown in the illustration. Because a river runs along one side, fencing will be needed on only three sides. Find the dimensions of the pasture if its length is double its width.Answer: 156 ft by 312 ftI tried to solve it....and it is completely wrong ^^''. My friend show me how to do it, but this problem is slightly different than the other one that she had shown me.I tried to use the formula that my friend use which is length = permeter/ 2*width. Unfortunately, the formula doesn't work for this one.So, how do you solve for this problem??
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I don't know what you think you did wrong, but your answer is right. It meets all of the qualifications. Oh, and may I ask, what grade math is this?
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Try perimeter = l + 2w (one long side, 2 short)we know l = 2w so replace lperimeter = 2w + 2wso we get 624 = 4ww = 156 which means l = 312
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It's easy....if the length (L) is double its width (W):then L=2Wthe perimeter is equal to 2W+2L,but you will only fence 3 sides of the the pasture, it is either624=2W+L or 624=2L+W... you did not show the illustration but I think the river is in the L side, right?therefore we use the formula 624ft=L+2W,if L=2W,then 624ft=2W+W+W4W=624ft_______ W=156ft ------------L=2W_______ L=312ft------------
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I don't see the illustration. Is the river along the length or the width of the pasture. I will describe the two case scenarios.Make the width of the pasture be represented by x.The length of the pasture is double its width, so let it be represented by 2x .If the river is a length (long side), the formula for solving this problem would be:2x (one length) + x (one width) + x (the other width) = 624 feet4x = 624x = 156Therefore, the width is 156 ft (x) and the length is 312 feet (2x)However, if the river is a width (short side) the formula for solving this problem would be:2x (length) + 2x (length) + x (width) = 624 feet5x = 624 feetx = 124.8 feetTherefore, th width is 124.8 feet (x) and the length is 249.6 feet (2x)According to the answer you gave, I must assume that the river is a length (long side) where no fencing is needed.Hope this helps.

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