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Default Auto insurers charge more based on gender, age, etc. based on statistics.

What about race? If it's proven that certain races have more accidents per miles driven, why isn't that taken into account?Ethnic background is never asked during online applications. If it was though, don't you think there would be lawsuits flying all over?Even if it's been proven certain ethnicities are a greater risk, it still wouldn't be on the application.
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It probably is a factor but they just can't come out and say it based on the fact if they say black people have more accidents than white, then the blacks will scream prejudice, and if they say whites more than blacks, then whites scream preferential treatment so they can't win but I'm sure it's done under the table when they check race.
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I am sure that race is accounted for. Insurance is all about playing the odds. Greater risk of an accident equates to greater insurance premiums.

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