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Default I'm TERRIBLE at math(always have been),I have a very hard time understanding

it..What can I do to get better? I have a VERY hard time comprhending anything more advanced than 7th grade math.I study,but I still get low scores if not Fs.I'm 19yrs old and trying to pass my high school equiveIency test so I can go to college. I want to get up to at least C average.
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Since this is very impotant that you get better scores, get a tutor to help you. Ask the teachers at your school and also find someone that is good at math and ask them for help.Good luck!
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hey friend this all are nothing !yes follow my steps1. love your subject2. think about the concept 3. study the skills,formulae4. rough ur problem in a note5. understand6. applynow u will be the best!
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Cathryn S
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check out this site, they may have some answers for youhttp://www.dyscalculiaforum.comi'm 26 and have just been told i have dyscalculia. it has explained my life long struggle with maths and numbers. the people on the forum are really helpful with advice on how to work around it.

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