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Default College Algebra


I searched for a thread about this, but I didn't find anything, sorry if I missed it.
Anyway, I'm in college and I have to take my college level algebra class for my degree, and the problem is, I need to retake the placement test since I basically scored just above a 3rd grader the last time I took it. I'm not really that bad at math, I just been out of practice for a couple of years. I want to retake the test, and take this class in the second half of the summer so I don't have to take it with my other classes come fall, and focus only on it so I can do well. So getting to the point, I was wondering what are some good resources I could use to get myself in shape again? I've come across a few web pages but the content is huge and I'm not sure if its what I need to know.
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A college algebra test?
If you have any questions on any of the practice questions, you can always post them here.
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So is it Algebra 1 or Algebra 2? Both are a College level classes.


This explains most algebra.

For a good book, the Introduction to Algebra
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Thanks, i'll check this stuff out.

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