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kendal ann
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Default geometry question...?

I dont understand a question on my geometry homework. If you could help and show your work I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.Given:the measure of angle 1= 2x+40the measure of angle 2= 2y+40the measure of angle 3= x+2yfind the measure of angle 1,2, and 3The 3 angles are not in a triangle but in a diagram with 4 angles.... The answere comes out to be 80;100;80 I'm just not sure how to get it The diagram in my book looks similar to the one shown but is tilted so the line going to the right is 180 degreeshttp://education.yahoo.com/homework_...52-3-pr-q.gifi found a more accurate picture of the digram in my book http://www.staff.vu.edu.au/mcaonline.../angles.htmlif you scroll down to question 5 thats what it looks like where angle B would be angle 1 angle C would be angle 2 and angle D would be angle 3
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