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Wayne F
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Default grade 9 geometry question!?

There is this big triangle with a smaller one inside it, and there is one missing in the big ttrianglebig triangle= 15= x= 39 smalle tr....= 5 12 13 , what i this missing angle?I hope i gave youo enough info :/if you could please explain how you got the answer toothanksthe equattion above should be 15 over 5 = x/12 = 39/13with the big/small ttriangles
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36 the big triangle is 3 time bigger than the smaller 1 o man i hate geometry
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I think both the triangles are right angle and are congruent.All the sides are proportional with the factor =315/5=x/12=39/13x=36
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shae h
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x=36You simply divide your numerator by the denominator. in Which 15 divided by 5 =3. As does 39 divided by 13. So to figure the problem, you take the 12 and multiply it by 3 to give you x=36. Hope this helps. Also when adding up all of your angles. For a triangle it will always be 90 degrees, regardless of the size. 15 + 36 + 39 = 90.
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Nick S
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You can take:15/5 = x/12 ==> x= (12*15)/5 = 36or:39/13 = x/12 ==> x= (12*39)/13 = 36

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