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Default Math Homework Help! Simple Geometry?

Please Help!! Thanks!!!13 1/2 X (22/7 X 2) = ? 22/7 X 2 = ?12 2/5 X (22/7 X 2) = ?4 1/4 X (22/7 X 2) = ?27 1/4 X (22/7 X 2) = ?actually it is geometry!! i just took out the polygons and made it algebra
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You know Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally? It's a way to know which pieces to work with first.Please: Parentheses... work with anything in parentheses first.Excuse: Exponents... take anything with a power to that power next.My: Multiplication... do any of the multiplying nextDear: DivisionAunt: Addition... and finallySally: Subtraction. So you would work the first problem like this:13.5 x (22/7 x 2)=First, the parentheses:22/7 = 3.14 ... looks like pi.then... 3.14 x 2= 6.28 (I know that's not exactly in order, but if 22 needed to be divided by 7, you couldn't split the 7 and multiply it by the 2 before using it with the 22.)So you ended up with 6.28 in the parentheses and finally you'd multiply it by the 13.5 on the outside which gives you 84.85.I hope that helps!

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